Vendor and Attendant Payouts



(Brian Henderson): I was recently asked a question by a laundry owner who has a coin-only store who purchased a Point of Sale system from me. The way his attendants start the machines is that they actually pull money from the till and then go and start the machines and he was looking for a way to keep track of all of that and I did a little bit of thought and a little bit of research and I found what I think is a very elegant, very simple, very straightforward way of keeping track of this particular method. So it uses the vendor payout function. The way you would normally use a vendor payout would be, for example, say you have a window washer who accepts cash payments and you’d pay them with petty cash out of the till. You would ring it up that way. So you go to options and then tools and then vendor payouts.

Within that same screen, you can also keep track of money that’s found in the store and you’re tossing it into the till, drawer transfer so if you have more than one drawer, the system supports two physical metal cash drawers connected to the system at the same time which is handy but then there’s also vendor payout. Right now I don’t have any vendors added so let’s, for example, set up one of your team members as a vendor so let’s hit add and we’re going to say that vendor number is whatever number you want and then company name. I’m just going to name it the name of that laundry attendant. I’m going to save and then exit out of there. Say the attendant chooses their name, they say that they’re pulling cash out of the till, and vendor payout, how much are they pulling out. We’ll say they’re pulling out $6 for that big washer and have them give you a reason code of which machine. Say it’s washer number 16, for example. You could then hit enter and the drawer kicks open and you can even generate a receipt if you want to which will have information of exactly who and when and what machine and even a place for them to sign for it.

The reason why this is real handy is when it comes to reporting so if I go to the reporting screen as a manager or whoever has permission set up for reporting, I can pull what’s known as a payout report right here and specify the date range. It says a listing of all payouts by day and optionally by cashier, by different payment methods. I can then display that report and you can see here I was testing earlier, being able to pull out different amounts so there is that report right there, plus it says which machines were used and also if I wanted to generate my end-of-day report, this is done each day and tells you the amounts that you should find for the deposit or the given time period since your last end-of-day report. It also shows payouts on there. Now I have this set up to just save a PDF file on my desktop. Ordinarily you would have a full-size desktop printer connected to this, either over your network or just sitting underneath the counter-top in your store.

Let’s take a look at that end-of-day report and you can see here on the left, I printed off an end-of-day report between that prior vendor payout and this current one but let me zoom out of touch here and minimize that. Okay. On the left hand side is going to be the money that came in and went out and on the right is going to be actual sales and you can see right here where it says total payout $6 and then also vendor number and the amount that was paid out to them, total cash payouts so that would be a very simple, very elegant way of tracking that and giving some accountability for that and it completely removes the need to track that on paper outside of your Point of Sale system.

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