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Full Functionality Anywhere (Totally Cloud-Based)
You can login from home and get exactly the same software experience as being at the laundromat.

Automatic Backups
Your data will not be lost if your computer is lost.

Much Easier to Use & Train
Greatly increased usability & simplicity

Employee Productivity Tracking
Assign full or partial credit for each order processed.

Run Past Shift Reports
See if your drawer is/was short without visiting the laundromat.

Easy PCI Compliance
Improved Pinpad exempts users from network vulnerability scans. Save Money!

Improved Commercial Invoicing
Quicker, more detailed invoicing from home. Save cards on file (even with EMV acceptance)

Collect Tips not Signatures
Customer Facing pinpad does not require signature capture or storage. Recommend tip percentages and enable custom tip amounts.

Network Your Stores
Manage all employees, reporting, and inventory under a single administrative login. Share employee and/or customer information.

We now have FasCard, LaundryCard, SpyderWash, and Laundroworks Integrations
Software integrations require the the most up-to-date version of the software provided by the card payment system.

MAJOR FIX: Duplicate or Missing Orders

Perhaps the most common issue with the legacy solution is an attendant recalling a “Pay at Pickup” or “On Hold” order and modifying the existing order instead of completing the initial transaction. While this issue is technically user error, our new “Pay at Pickup” function now takes attendants directly to the payment screen when a customer picks up their order to pay. This fix has made it practically impossible to accidentally overwrite an existing order with a new one.

MAJOR FIX: The Order Tracker (watch video)

[embedyt] https://youtu.be/MAbLnYqkQ4w [/embedyt]

Optional: If you want to avoid tracking machine starts, you can drag from “To Do” all the way to “Done”.
This will still allow you to use the texting, label printing, and “Done” but not “Picked Up” Order Status.

Greatly Improved Reporting

Added Payroll Features

You can now see every order on your self!

Simplified & Improved Financial Summary:


The new cloud-based software includes delivery:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJc9-QcWPEQ[/embedyt]

Will my existing hardware work?


 Weight Scale
purchased from Wash-Dry-Fold POS

New purchase not required.

Bag Label Printer
purchased from Wash-Dry-Fold POS

Thermal label printer
New purchase not required.

Bag Label Printer
purchased from Wash-Dry-Fold POS


Bag label printer

New purchase not required.


Core System (September 2018 -2021)

Back of unit is square with dip in corner. 

New purchase not required.

Legacy System (2016- September 2018)

Back of unit is totally sloped, not square.

We do not recommend using these units with the new software.

Being 5+ years old, they don’t have enough RAM.


CardPointe Integrated Terminal

CardPointe Bolt Terminal


The new system requires a new pinpad. Good news — it’s more secure, accepts tips, doesn’t require signatures.

PAX S300

This pinpad is now considered legacy and will need to be upgraded.

Mag Strip Reader

The new software does not accept card swipes for individual card transactions. You’ll need a CardPointe Integrated Terminal.


How quickly can I upgrade?

Technically, you can be fully upgraded in less than 2 weeks.
Plan to allow yourself some time to train your staff on the new features and phase out the legacy software. 


Will I lose my data?

We will transfer your customer & customer preference data from your existing Wash-Dry-Fold POS.
Your transactional and financial data will remain within the old software — not lost, but not transferred over.
We can help you rebuild your custom retail and menu items during your new setup & training.


What will it cost?

If you are already paying monthly, we can make price concessions to price match your current monthly rates for at least the 1st year.

If you are paying a PCI Non-compliance fee, the upgrade makes it easier to get PCI compliant and save money!
Many customers are reporting reduced shrinkage and huge time savings immediately after upgrade.

We want to get you transferred over and will work with you on the upgrade costs.


Is it worth upgrading?

Customers who have transferred over are saying “It’s 100x better”, “Night and Day Difference”, and “You fixed everything!
Although it requires some time and money up front, the new software much easier to use, train, and prevent theft.
We haven’t had a single customer regret the upgrade yet!


How do I upgrade?

Email ian@washdryfoldpos.com

— or —

Schedule an appointment below: