Cash Register Express – New and Secure Registration Method

On June 30, CRE will implement a new, more secure registration service. To get access to this service, merchants will have to upgrade their CRE versions to 13.1024 or above by June 30th, 2021. For merchants who are not able to upgrade and are on version v12.8020 or later, we have provided a patch utility to configure the new Registration service, see instructions below. After June 30th, 2021 merchants who do not upgrade to v13.1024 or higher or run the patch utility will lose connection with the Registration server. POS will continue to operate, but the system will not be able to receive license updates automatically from the Registration licensing server.


The patch for versions before 13.1024 can run when CRE is open or closed. To install:

  • Download the patch file as a zip file and extract it
  • Right-click on the extracted file and run it as an administrator


Contact CRE technical support if you need any further assistance at 1 (800) 342-5729