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I had a couple of recent discussions with fellow laundromat owners researching point-of-sale systems for their drop-off laundry Wash-Dry-Fold services in which the same question came up:


How do you track orders through every stage of cleaning?


It’s a good question!  Unlike with dry cleaning where every item is individually tagged or barcoded, bulk laundry cleaning by the pound does not lend itself well to individual garment tracking.  Just whose socks are those, anyway?  Great systems that inherently help prevent mixups will benefit your laundromat business and help your Wash-Dry-Fold service thrive.

Here is a system we came up with at my family’s business, Liberty Laundry, which can be used with any system, whether or not you’re using a fancy computer point-of-sale system like what I sell or are still using an old-fashioned cash register with carbon-copy tickets:

Wash-Dry-Fold POS image showing a chart for tracking drop-off laundry orders at Liberty Laundry

“Go With the Flow” Chart

Wash-Dry-Fold POS image top-down view showing a chart for tracking drop-off laundry orders at Liberty Laundry

“Go With the Flow” Chart. Customer information in this image has been intentionally censored for posting online.

Pretty simple solution, right?  There are a few advantages to this setup:

  1. I can tell at a glance how many orders are currently being processed from one central station.
  2. A maximum of two tickets can fit into any one stage at a time, which matches what we teach our team members at Liberty Laundry – don’t process more than two orders in any same stage at a time!
  3. Reminders for standard operating procedure are right there for each step so no one can say, “I didn’t know,” or “I forgot!”
  4. Machine numbers are written on the tickets and crossed off when items are moved from the washers to the dryers.  Team members initial the ticket when they work on its respective laundry order.  This helps keep the store looking clean and uncluttered compared to taping tickets to every machine being used.

I hope that helps!


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