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Wireless Barcode Reader Opens Google Chrome Downloads after Every Scan

Your new wireless barcode reader might accidentally open the Downloads window in Google Chrome when scanning a receipt barcode. To fix this, reprogram the barcode reader by scanning a few specific barcodes to change the “terminator selection.” These barcodes can be found in the Quickstart Guide: https://pos-x.com/download/ion-wireless-quickstart-guide/

First, scan the “Start configuration” barcode, then scan the “CR” barcode, and lastly scan the “End configuration” barcode as shown in the photo below.

If you’re unable to scan these barcodes from your computer screen, you’ll need to print them out. If you do not have a full-page printer available, you can print them out from your computer’s receipt printer. Go to the Start menu, find the Snipping Tool and open it. Select “New”, then click and drag to draw a box around each barcode. It should open a screenshot in a separate window. Select File>Print from the Snipping Tool toolbar to print the barcode with the POS-X built-in receipt printer.

Once you’ve printed the barcodes, scan them one at a time in the order detailed above. Your barcode scanner will beep when you start and end the configuration. If you’re confident that you’ve completed all of the steps, test out a receipt or label on the Recall Order or Pick Up Order screen in Wash-Dry-Fold POS.