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Weight Scale Setup

The box for your new weight scale will include the following items:

  • Weight scale
  • USB cable
  • USB power adapter (not used)
  • Serial cable (not used)

The USB cable provides both power and communication from your POS computer. Your weight scale’s USB power adapter can be used to power the weight scale independently from the computer if your system is non-functioning.

The USB cable goes into the port labeled “USB/PWR”.

The adapter is easy to overlook. Be sure to check for this small white box tucked in the foam padding of your scale’s package.

Configuring Your Scale

A keypad with arrows is on the right-hand side of your scale’s display. In the center is the Enter button.

Your scale might say “Initial Setup GEO Code” the first time you turn it on. Use the chart found on your scale’s printed instruction sheet in the box to find your appropriate GeoCal Location code for your location and enter it here using the up and down arrows, then select Exit.

Press and hold the Up arrow on the keypad for 5 seconds to enter programming mode. Navigate to the option Setup and press Enter.

Go to COMM and press Enter.

Go to Serial and press Enter.

You’ll see the following options in the Serial menu: Baud, DatBit, Parity, Stop, and Protoc.

Enter these settings:
Baud = 9600
Data Bit = 7
Parity = Even
Stop = 1
Protocol = Prot W

Once you’ve confirmed you’ve entered these settings, press Up on the keypad to select COMM in the menu navigation row at the top of the screen and then press Enter.

Go to USB and press Enter.

Go to Virtua and press Enter.

Now that you have changed all the necessary settings, press and hold the Enter button for 5 seconds to go to the End screen.

Select Save and press Enter to save changes and reboot the weight scale.

How to Tare (Zero) Your Scale

Many laundromats will leave a basket or a tub sitting on top of their weight scale so that customers with loose clothing items can simply dump their laundry order into the container. Being able to “zero out” the weight of the container, also known as taring, is super simple with the integrated laundry weight scales sold with Wash-Dry-Fold POS.

To “zero out” up to 3 lbs, select the >0< option (labeled “Zero Key”) on the main screen and press Enter.

To perform a “hard tare” and “zero out” weight up to 15 lbs, unplug the scale and wait 30 seconds. Place your item on the scale first and then plug the scale back in.