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To send a customer a text message when their order is finished, first ensure that they have the option enabled in their profile and that the customer has provided you with a valid mobile phone number that is capable of receiving text messages.

Take a look at the customer’s profile, and make sure that “Text Message” is selected for their Notification Preference setting.  If it is set to “Unknown” this means that the customer has not yet been asked if they would like to receive a courtesy text; if it is set to “Do Not Notify” then they have been asked and declined.

When text messaging is enabled for a customer, you will be prompted to send them a text message when you drag their order to the “Done” column on the Order Tracker.

If the order is already in the Done column, tap on the order and go to the Labels tab in the Order Details popup. You will see a Text Message button there that you can use to trigger a text message.  Again, this can only be done if the customer has “Text Message” turned on for their Notification Preference in their profile.

If the order was done some time ago and is no longer on the Order Tracker screen, you can still recall the Order Details popup to trigger a text message notification to the customer.  Go to Register > Recall Order and find the order.  Then, click “View Details.”  This will open the Order Details popup and you can then go to the Labels tab and press “Send Text Message.”