Security Mounting (Computer & Cash Drawer)

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Both available systems that we sell are able to be mounted to the countertop.

Limited Edition with built-in cash drawer:

The bottom has a metal base plate that can be removed and secured to the top of the counter.

Standard Edition with physically separate cash drawer:

We have metal cash drawer mounting brackets available that can be attached to the cash drawer to mount it to the underside of the countertop:

These brackets mount the Cash Drawer under the countertop (Standard Edition only):

If you would like to mount the Standard Edition computer to the countertop (in addition to mounting the cash drawer under the countertop), we suggest using a “dog-ear” mounting system with brackets from a hardware store on the four corners of the flat metal base.

Alternatively, you could drill through the metal base of the computer into the countertop but this would void your system’s warranty.