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Save Invoice or Receipt as PDF

Invoices and receipts can be downloaded as PDF files instead of printing them by using the print dialog popup.  This is useful for customers who wish to be emailed invoices or receipts instead of getting a physical copy.  To do this, first navigate to the invoice or receipt’s printer-friendly page.

View Invoice

To view an invoice, open the customer’s profile on the Customers page and select the Billing tab.  Click anywhere the invoice’s entry gets highlighted in blue when you hover over it.  All invoices can also be viewed on the Invoice List report.

This will open the invoice in a new window.  Click the three dots in the very top right of the window and select “Print…” from the options that appear to open the print dialog popup.  The keyboard shortcut to open the print dialog is Ctrl+P.

View Full Size Receipt

To view a full page version of an order’s receipt, go to the Recall Order screen on the Register page and find the order in question.  Click on the blue “View Details” button to the right of the order’s entry to open the Order Details popup.

Go to the Labels tab, and click on the blue “Print Full Size Receipt” button.

The full-size receipt will open in a new window, and the print dialog popup will automatically open.

Save as PDF

Change the Destination dropdown to “Save as PDF.”  Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom to download the receipt.

You now have a saved PDF of the invoice or receipt that you can attach to an email and send to your customer!