Receipts Printing Too Long and Cash Drawer Not Opening (White System)

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WDF POS systems running on the white Limited Edition computers with the 180º swiveling screens have sometimes had an issue with the receipts printing longer than normal and the cash drawer not opening. This is oftentimes caused by a check box labeled “Enable ESC/POS Routing” being unchecked in the settings of the StarMicronics “Configuration Utility TSP100” program.

First, click on your computer’s start menu located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Find the file named “StarMicronics”, select “Configuration Utility TSP100” and when asked if you would like to allow the application to make changes to your device, select Yes.

At this point you should see a small box labeled “Select An Emulation” where you will click to highlight the second option “ESC/POS Mode” and then click OK.

On the left side of the “Star Micronics TSP100 Configuration (ESC/POS Mode)”, you’ll select “Print Job Routing”, and this will bring you to the little check box titled “Enable ESC/POS Routing” that should remain checked at all times. Check the box, select “Apply Changes” and then select close.