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Receipt Printer Not Working

Your computer won’t print any receipts.  The cash drawer won’t open, either, because drawer open commands are triggered by the receipt printer.  You’ve checked that the receipt paper is installed correctly and the printer door is closed properly, but it’s still not working.  The most common cause for this is that a print job has encountered an error and is stuck in the computer’s print queue.  Until the print queue is cleared, no other print jobs will go through and the cash drawer won’t open.

To open the print queue, open the Start menu and then click Settings.  Click Devices, and then click Printers & scanners in the left column.  Click the printer in question, then click the “Open queue” button that appears beneath it.

Alternatively, double-click the active printer icon in the taskbar notification area (very bottom right corner).  The icon may be hidden in the “Show hidden icons” arrow ^ area.

In the print queue window, click “Printer,” then click “Cancel All Documents” from the options that appear.  This will clear all queued print jobs, including the one that encountered an error and is jamming everything up.

If the receipt printer still isn’t working after clearing the print queue, try restarting the computer.  If it’s still not working after that, please contact us for additional troubleshooting.