Rear Customer Display Setup

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Wash-Dry-Fold POS offers an optional rear-facing customer display which is a convenient and streamlined way to display pricing to customers when you ring up orders for total pricing transparency.  Depending on local regulations this display may be mandatory for your store, but it also builds trust with your customers and offers a very professional display.

  1. The back panel of your Wash-Dry-Fold POS computer will already have a section pre-cut on the top that slides off where you can mount your rear display.
  2. Inside the top back section of your POS computer is a small white connector that matches the one on the rear display.  Go ahead and carefully connect them together.  This is actually a USB connection.
  3. In the POS software, click the yellow Manager button on the main login screen and log in with your administrative password and ID.
  4. Go to Setup > Setup Screen > Hardware
  5. Pole Display Port choose COM 5
  6. Pole Display Type choose Sharp/Touch Dynamic

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