PCI Compliance (CardPointe Bolt)

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All merchant accounts via CardConnect have 60 days after account creation to get PCI compliant before being charged non-compliance fees. Here’s how to get PCI compliant:

image of CardPointe dashboard

    1. Go to www.cardpointe.com and log in.
    2. Go to My Account.
    3. Click on the link that says “Alert, you have a PCI Non-Compliant MID. Learn how to get compliant.”
    4. This will take you to the SecureTrust website where you can complete the PCI Self Assessment.
    5. Use this guide along with this page for your SecureTrust assessment — PCI User Guide_Bolt
    6. When asked about what device you are using, indicate that you are using an Ingenico P2PE solution (see image below).
    7. If asked if you’re using a third party for anything, select No.
    8. If you are asked if your software stores credit card numbers in any way, select No. 
      We use a tokenized value for storing customer payment information – at no point in time do we ever store credit card numbers.

Ingenico P2PE solution

That’s all there is to it!  It takes maybe 20 minutes or less to do all this.

There are no trick questions, and if you get anything “wrong” it will tell you afterwards and you can easily go back and update your answers once you’ve addressed the issue.  No worries! 

Beyond that you only need to do the Self Assessment once per year and if there haven’t been any changes in your setup from the prior year it’s greatly simplified compared to the first time.


If you previously completed the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire and need to indicate new hardware (such as if you upgraded from a magstripe reader or a PAX S300 on our old systems to the CardPointe Bolt terminal on our new systems) then you may need to click “CHANGE PCI PROFILE” at the bottom of the screen when you edit your Self-Assessment Questionnaire answers.