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On-Screen Keyboard Keeps Popping Up

On-screen keyboard issues are likely related to Windows settings. When you’re having trouble with the on-screen keyboard popping up on every screen without prompting it to, there are two common reasons. Either someone has accidentally placed the computer into “tablet mode” or we need to adjust a setting that prevents the touch keyboard from appearing outside of tablet mode.

1. How to get out of tablet mode:

It’s possible your computer is in tablet mode, which would cause the keyboard to pop up any time an input is selected.

Go to Start > Settings > System > Tablet Mode and make sure the setting for “When I Sign In” is set to Desktop.  Reboot the computer once you’re done and it should open into desktop mode instead of tablet mode.  You will also want to make your other settings match what is shown in this picture:

2. How to prevent the touch keyboard from appearing outside of tablet mode:

We recommend taking a look at these settings on your computer (image below taken from this Microsoft support page)