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Merging & Deleting Customer Profiles

Merging customers and deleting customers are both done on the Customers page.

Delete A Customer

To delete a customer, open their profile on the Customers page. Click the red “Delete Customer” button in the top left corner of the popup. This button is not present when customer profiles are opened elsewhere in Wash-Dry-Fold POS.

You will be asked to enter the password of the currently signed in admin or manager. Enter the password, click the red “Confirm Delete?” button, and the customer profile will be deleted.

Merge Customers

To merge two customers together, click the yellow “Merge Customers” button near the top left of the Customers page. You will be prompted to enter your admin or manager password to continue.

On the left, select the profile that will be deleted in the merging process. On the right, select the profile that will become the “main” profile that all the order history will be merged into. Please note the warning that all merges are final and cannot be undone. Click the blue “Merge!” button when you are ready. The system will stay on the same screen after the process is finished, in case you wish to merge multiple customer profiles into one main profile. Click the red “Cancel” button when you are done.