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How do I save a customer’s credit card on file?

Open the Customer Profile popup. Enter the card number, its CVV security code, and its expiration date (formatted as MMYY). The address saved in the Customer Profile popup does not need to match the card on file’s billing address.

Before you click Save, you should see the card numbers masked with asterisks. This means that CardConnect has generated a PCI-compliant token value that we can now save; we don’t keep credit card numbers themselves in our database. It will look like this:

If you do not see it masking the number before you click Save then there is likely a wrong digit somewhere or not enough digits and CardPointe isn’t able to generate the token. If you’ve made absolutely sure that the entered information is correct and the numbers still aren’t masking, then something on the CardConnect side of things is acting slow and is not actively generating the token. Refresh the page and try again.

If you need to remove the customer’s card on file, open their Customer Profile popup and click the trash icon on the right side of the card info. Click the popup’s green “Save” button to commit changes.

If you clicked the trash icon on accident, click the blue “Undo” button that appears. You may also click the popup’s red “Cancel” button to exit the popup without saving the change.

This customer can now pay for orders with their credit card saved on file. If they are an On Account customer, the card on file can be used to pay their invoices.

When you click the blue “Credit Card” button on the payment screen, this popup will automatically appear:

If the customer wants to pay with a different credit card than the one they have saved on file, simply click the red “Use a Different Card” button to close the popup and proceed with processing their physical card as normal.