EMV PIN Pad Setup

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Wash-Dry-Fold POS offers integrated credit card payment processing!  Click here to learn more.

Many laundromats choose to simply use our integrated magstripe reader attachment for accepting credit card sales, which is the easiest method to set up and maintain.  Wash-Dry-Fold POS offers an optional upgrade to an EMV (chip card) PIN pad featuring a touchscreen, digital signature capture, optional on-screen tip prompting, and contactless smartphone payments.

Note: Your application for a merchant account through Wash-Dry-Fold POS will first need to be approved and your account created before your EMV PIN pad is shipped to you.  It will not come with your initial hardware shipment.  It will be sent in a separate shipment.

Your EMV PIN pad will need to be connected to your local network via Ethernet cable using the red connector. Blue and yellow are not used in our setup. Power is plugged into the main cable of the PIN pad where it splits into three parts as shown in the picture below.

A common setup is to use a powered Ethernet Switch to split your one Ethernet connection at your service counter into two connections or more for your POS computer, EMV PIN pad credit card reader, and any other device requiring a wired internet connection.

Please arrange a setup call with us before you plug in your PIN pad for the first time for assistance with programming your POS software settings.

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