Credit Card Reader Setup (CardPointe Integrated Terminal)

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Your CardPointe Integrated Terminal should be connected to your router so that it has its own internet connection.

It does not plug into your Wash-Dry-Fold POS computer, although the two devices do communicate with each other over the internet.

Connect the device to an internet connection first, and then plug in its power.

If you only have one Ethernet cable going to your service counter from a back office router, a device called an Ethernet Switch can be used under the counter to provide additional connections so that both your WDF POS computer and your credit card reader can be connected to the internet:

Alternatively, if you already have two Ethernet cables going to your service counter then an RJ45 coupler could be used to connect your credit card reader:

Your CardPointe Integrated Terminal comes with some small screws which are used to secure the data cable (only two are needed):

The CardPointe Integrated Terminal uses the words “Unbolted” and “Bolted” (or “Disconnected” and “Connected”) to indicate the device’s connection status to payment processor. If your terminal says “Unbolted” or “Disconnected” then please power down the device, ensure it is connected to the internet, and then power it on again.  You can also perform a hard reset by pressing the yellow < button and the .,#* button at the same time.