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Cellular Failover Router Setup

4G LTE Router
4G LTE Cellular Failover Router

Protect your laundromat’s payment systems from an internet outage!  This device automatically rolls connected parts of your local network over to a 4G LTE cellular internet connection automatically in the event of an outage (a process referred to as “failover”), and then recovers to your main internet service provider automatically when they’re back up.  An example network configuration is shown below:

Setup Instructions

Your device will arrive already configured with the cellular carrier and ready for use right out of the box! Here’s how to connect everything:

    1. Connect the cellular failover router’s two antennas but make no other connections yet
    2. Power on the cellular failover router and wait until the “cellular” light begins to slowly blink green
    3. Connect the “WAN” port to your normal router with an Ethernet cable and wait until the “cellular” light is solid green
    4. Connect the cellular router’s “LAN” port to an Ethernet switch with an Ethernet cable
    5. Power on the Ethernet switch
    6. Connect your Wash-Dry-Fold POS computer and CardPointe Integrated Terminal to the Ethernet switch
    7. Power on the computer and credit card terminal

You can test if your cellular router is successfully “failing over” to the cellular network by simply disconnecting the Ethernet cable going from your router to the WAN port of the cellular router – in 10 seconds or less the green cellular light should start blinking meaning you’re on cellular data.  Try loading a web page on the POS computer or processing a credit card transaction to ensure they’re working just fine on cellular, and then connect the WAN port back to your router and the “cellular” light should go solid green meaning you’re back on your ISP internet connection.

Warning: We strongly suggest that you do not connect your store’s security camera system and customer WiFi to the cellular failover router.  If the cellular router was in failover mode, they would very quickly use up your monthly cellular data allotment included with your subscription and could cause data overage charges.