Cash Drawer or Receipt Printer Issues on Limited Edition (White System)

WDF POS systems running on the white Limited Edition computers with the 180º swiveling screens have sometimes had an issue with printing receipts and opening the cash drawer ever since the 6/8/21 Windows update.


StarMicronics, the receipt printer manufacturer, has issued an updated driver to fix this issue.  Here’s what to do:


  1. Go to and click TSP100 futurePRNT Software Full (first option on the list) to download the driver
  2. Start at step #5 of this tutorial:

Drag and Drop Not Working on Order Tracker

Here is what to do if the drag & drop feature is not working with your touchscreen (but it is with the mouse) on the Order Tracker screen of Wash-Dry-Fold POS.


Disable Overscroll History Navigation in Chrome

Your web browser, Google Chrome, likely has a feature turned on by default that navigates back or forward a page in your browsing history by swiping from the far right or far left side of the screen.  This sometimes can cause interference with the drag & drop feature for orders on the Order Tracker.


1. Open up Google Chrome on your computer and type the following into your address bar up top:


2. Next type in the following into the search box on the Flags page:


3. You will see the option for “Overscroll history navigation” – select “Disabled” and then click “Relaunch”



Enable Touch Events

This is a quirk of Windows 10 touchscreen computers using Google Chrome.  You will need to edit the file path of your Google Chrome and Wash-Dry-Fold POS shortcuts to enable the drag and drop feature. This affects not only Wash-Dry-Fold POS but also any other web app that uses drag and drop functions with a touchscreen.


1. Right-click the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop and select “Properties”
2. Type in the following at the end of the file path “Target” (be sure to enter a space before typing this and please note the two hyphens at the beginning):


3. Click “Apply” and then “OK”
4. If you have a direct shortcut to the Wash-Dry-Fold POS software on your desktop that has the Wash-Dry-Fold POS logo on it then do the same procedure to that icon as well


Wrong Time on Receipts

If your Wash-Dry-Fold POS software is printing the wrong time on receipts, then it’s possible your computer’s date & time settings are incorrect.

This page (How to set your time and time zone) will show you how to adjust your date & time settings.

Make sure you have these following settings:

  1. “Set time automatically” is turned on. (Sometimes you will need to turn this off and then back on again for it to start working properly)
  2. “Set time zone automatically” is turned off
  3. Select your correct time zone

Change an Order’s Status

Let’s say you need to change an order from “Done” back to “To Do” the day after it was processed, but it’s the next day and the Done column has already been automatically cleared of orders.  Here is an alternative way you can change an order’s status when you cannot do so from the Order Tracker page.

First, select “Recall Order” on the Register page.

Search for the order in question on the Recall Order screen.  Select the blue “View Details” button to the right of the order’s entry.

Use the dropdown at the top of the Order Details popup to change the production status to any stage you’d like.

If you are changing an order’s status from “Done” to some other status like in the scenario described above, the order should reappear on the Order Tracker page in the status’s column you chose.

How to “Tare” or “Zero Out” Weight Scale

For Weight Scales purchased in 2020 and after:

  1. You can “Zero Out” a default of up to 3lbs by selecting the >0< button on the front display of the weight scale.
  2. To perform a “Hard Tare” and “Zero Out” a weight from 3 to 15lbs, you’ll need to unplug the scale and wait 30 seconds. Place your item on the scale and plug the scale back in. This method is used for a wire basket although we recommend plastic tubs in most cases.
  3. To reverse either method, remove the item and repeat steps 1 or 2 without any item.

Internet Speed

Wash-Dry-Fold POS is a cloud-based system, and as such requires an internet connection to access.  We strongly recommend high-speed, broadband internet for the store where your POS computer will be located.  The FCC defines “broadband” internet as having a download speed of 25 megabits per second (abbreviated Mb/s, Mbps) or higher.  If you are unsure of your internet speed, use this link to test your connection on the POS computer at your store.

If you experience spotty connection issues or intermittent outages on an ongoing basis at your location that your internet service provider cannot fix, we also offer a cellular failover router to help ensure that your system stays connected.

On-Screen Buttons Misaligned

When buttons on the screen are out of their usual alignment, it is typically due to Wash-Dry-Fold POS’s window being zoomed in on by accident.

To reset the zoom level back to its default of 100%, first make sure Wash-Dry-Fold POS is open and focused on the screen, and then on your keyboard press Ctrl+0 (that’s the “Control” key and the zero key at the same time).

Remote Login Instructions

Login Credentials

By design and for security reasons, only team members with Admin or Manager roles in their user profiles can sign into the Wash-Dry-Fold POS software at with their username and password.  Attendants only have their own personal PIN which they use to access the Register and Order Tracker pages within WDF POS on a computer that has already been signed into by an Admin or Manager.

The Problem

What do you do if a laundry attendant at your laundromat accidentally or intentionally logs out of the Wash-Dry-Fold POS software and there isn’t an admin or manager with login credentials physically present to sign back in?

The Solution

Providing your administrative or manager username and password to your employees is not recommended. Instead, we recommend installing a remote login program on your POS computer. This way, you can remotely log in to the computer to type in your email and password when needed. As an added bonus, you can control the mouse on the screen and remotely view the computer’s monitor which is helpful if an attendant is needing assistance with an issue.  You can also access files stored on the POS computer’s hard drive.

There are many remote login programs out there available, ranging from free to inexpensive to pricey. Some of them even allow you to remotely control the computer from an app on your smartphone which is handy if you’re on the go.

Here are some recommended remote login programs:
Splashtop (Inexpensive and very reliable)
Google Chrome Remote Desktop (free)
Teamviewer (pricey but has many features)

If you have experienced several instances where the POS computer is logging out all by itself, it’s possible that you have not checked the “stay logged in” option on the login screen when signing into the software.  Please make sure this is selected when signing in on the POS computer to remain logged in longer than 24 hours.

Receipt Printer Not Working

Your computer won’t print any receipts.  The cash drawer won’t open, either, because drawer open commands are triggered by the receipt printer.  You’ve checked that the receipt paper is installed correctly and the printer door is closed properly, but it’s still not working.  The most common cause for this is that a print job has encountered an error and is stuck in the computer’s print queue.  Until the print queue is cleared, no other print jobs will go through and the cash drawer won’t open.

To open the print queue, open the Start menu and then click Settings.  Click Devices, and then click Printers & scanners in the left column.  Click the printer in question, then click the “Open queue” button that appears beneath it.

Alternatively, double-click the active printer icon in the taskbar notification area (very bottom right corner).  The icon may be hidden in the “Show hidden icons” arrow ^ area.

In the print queue window, click “Printer,” then click “Cancel All Documents” from the options that appear.  This will clear all queued print jobs, including the one that encountered an error and is jamming everything up.

If the receipt printer still isn’t working after clearing the print queue, try restarting the computer.  If it’s still not working after that, please contact us for additional troubleshooting.

On-Screen Keyboard Keeps Popping Up

On-screen keyboard issues are likely related to Windows settings. When you’re having trouble with the on-screen keyboard popping up on every screen without prompting it to, there are two common reasons. Either someone has accidentally placed the computer into “tablet mode” or we need to adjust a setting that prevents the touch keyboard from appearing outside of tablet mode.

1. How to get out of tablet mode:

It’s possible your computer is in tablet mode, which would cause the keyboard to pop up any time an input is selected.

Go to Start > Settings > System > Tablet Mode and make sure the setting for “When I Sign In” is set to Desktop.  Reboot the computer once you’re done and it should open into desktop mode instead of tablet mode.  You will also want to make your other settings match what is shown in this picture:
2. How to prevent the touch keyboard from appearing outside of tablet mode:
We recommend taking a look at these settings on your computer (image below taken from this Microsoft support page):

Receipts Printing Too Long and Cash Drawer Not Opening (White System)

WDF POS systems running on the white Limited Edition computers with the 180º swiveling screens have sometimes had an issue with the receipts printing longer than normal and the cash drawer not opening. This is oftentimes caused by a check box labeled “Enable ESC/POS Routing” being unchecked in the settings of the StarMicronics “Configuration Utility TSP100” program.

To find where to activate and apply this setting, you will click on the computer’s start menu button located in the bottom left corner of the computer screen. Find the file named “StarMicronics” and click on it. You will then select “Configuration Utility TSP100” and when asked if you would like to allow the application to make changes to your device, select Yes.

At this point you should see a small box labeled “Select An Emulation” where you will click to highlight the second option “ESC/POS Mode” and then click OK.

On the left side of the “Star Micronics TSP100 Configuration (ESC/POS Mode)”, you’ll select “Print Job Routing”, and this will bring you to the little check box titled “Enable ESC/POS Routing” that should remain checked at all times. Check the box, select “Apply Changes” and then click the close button.

Text Overlap/Cutoff on Multi-Page Print

When printing a longer length full-page receipt or invoice, you may occasionally see a strange overlap or cutoff that obscures lines of text between pages.

This issue is easy to fix.  In the print dialog, click “More settings”.  Select “Custom” from the Scale setting dropdown list.

Up and down arrows appear next to the scale percentage number when you hover over it.  Adjust the scale of the print up or down, pausing occasionally to let the print preview refresh, until the overlap/cutoff issue goes away.