Bag Label Printer Setup

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Before connecting your bag label printer to your Wash-Dry-Fold POS system, be sure to insert a roll of 4″x1″ thermal labels.

The yellow roll holders are spring loaded and suspend the roll midair.  Make sure that the yellow sensor in the track near the front is slid all the way to the right as shown:

Once your roll is loaded and the label printer is connected to power, hold down the power button until it turns on.

You will need to perform a manual calibration the first time you set up your printer:

  1. Hold the paper feed button (square shaped button) until the light blinks twice and then lift your finger.
  2. About 4 blank labels will come out as the printer calibrates.
  3. Press the paper feed button just once more briefly and one blank label should come out each time you push the button.
  4. Your printer is calibrated!