What if I need to make a return?

What if I need to make a return? We’re confident you’ll love our system; but even so, for those “just in case” situations we offer a 30 day return policy: Return Policy: All return claims must be made within 30 days of shipment date. Items must be returned in like-new condition with original packaging. All […]

Can I choose my own credit card processor?

You must go through Wash-Dry-Fold POS for integrated credit card processing. Wash-Dry-Fold POS will only integrate with a Merchant Account through Wash-Dry-Fold POS and a pinpad ordered through that merchant account. If you use a non-integrated (3rd party) solution for credit card acceptance, the attendant will need to type in the correct amount every time […]

Is the weight scale integrated?

Yes!  We offer a scale that supports up to 150 lbs. and is accurate down to 0.05 lbs. Depending on regulations in your area you may be required to use an integrated weight scale that is tamper resistant and certified legal for trade when charging your customers for drop-off laundry by the pound, so be sure to […]

Does your point-of-sale system support both prepaid and postpaid transactions?

Yes! This is one area where this point-of-sale system for laundromats and drop-off laundry services really shines. Although there are many types of transactions where you want a customer to pay up front (such as for retail sales or most standard drop-off laundry wash-dry-fold orders), often you will want to be able to accept payment […]

Computer and Receipt Printer Setup (Limited Edition)

Step 1: Unbox and Identify Items The receipt paper width adapter is for smaller width receipt paper.  It is not used for Wash-Dry-Fold POS systems and may be discarded. The cash drawer keys can be used to manually open the cash drawer in the event of a power outage, or they may be used to […]

Computer and Receipt Printer Setup

  Thermal receipt paper roll size:  3-1/8″ wide x 230′ long We recommend the RCT15WH thermal receipt paper from Cleaner’s Supply because it has terms & conditions for drop-off laundry services pre-printed on the back!   Click the image below to enlarge the Quickstart Guide:   Although it looks like a telephone line, the cash […]

Magstripe Reader Setup

The following instructions are only for those who purchased the Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) for CCI FasCard, LaundryCard, or SpyderWash loyalty card integration purposes. This device is not for processing credit cards and does not replace the CardPointe Integrated Terminal which requires its own internet connection.

Windows Setup (Limited Edition)

Most Limited Edition systems arrive with the Windows 10 operating system already configured and the rest of your system setup is handled during your initial setup & training session with a Wash-Dry-Fold POS team member.  If, however, your white Limited Edition computer arrived without Windows configured yet, then please follow these steps to properly set […]

Credit Card Reader Setup (CardPointe Integrated Terminal)

Your CardPointe Integrated Terminal should be connected to your router so that it has its own internet connection. It does not plug into your Wash-Dry-Fold POS computer, although the two devices do communicate with each other over the internet. Connect the device to an internet connection first, and then plug in its power. If you […]

Weight Scale Setup

The box for your new weight scale will include the following items: The USB cable provides both power and communication from your POS computer. Your weight scale’s USB power adapter can be used to power the weight scale independently from the computer if your system is non-functioning. The USB cable goes into the port labeled […]

What size receipt paper do I need?

Our built-in thermal receipt printer uses 3-1/8″ wide (80mm) x 3″ diameter receipt paper.  There’s no ink cartridges or ink ribbon to replace – it’s all thermal!   We recommend the RCT15WH thermal receipt paper from Cleaner’s Supply because it has terms & conditions for drop-off laundry services pre-printed on the back!

What size labels do I need?

Our bag label printer uses rolls of 4″x1″ direct thermal adhesive-backed labels with a 1″ core.   The labels can be purchased from just about anywhere but we recommend the RL779DT direct thermal labels from OnlineLabels.com.

PCI Compliance (Legacy systems, PAX S300)

All merchant accounts via CardConnect have 60 days after account creation to get PCI compliant before being charged non-compliance fees. Here’s how to get PCI compliant: Go to www.cardpointe.com and log in. Go to My Account. If you see an alert message about not being PCI Compliant, then click the “Not Compliant” link as shown in the picture above. This will take […]

PCI Compliance (CardPointe Integrated Terminal)

All merchant accounts via CardConnect have 60 days after account creation to get PCI compliant before being charged non-compliance fees. Here’s how to get PCI compliant: Go to www.cardpointe.com and log in. Go to My Account. If you see an alert message about not being PCI Compliant, then click the “Learn how to get compliant” link as shown in the picture above. […]

Basic Transaction Video

  Transcription (Brian Henderson): I’m Brian Henderson and here’s how to perform a basic transaction on Wash-Dry-Fold POS. I’m going to start by clocking in. Next I click new sale and I can search for our customer by their phone number, their first name, their last name or the company name. We’ll say George Washington’s […]

Order Tracker Video

  Transcription (Brian Henderson): This is a demonstration of the Wash-Dry-Fold POS Order Tracker. We’ll start by dragging this order to the sort column. If I wanted to, I can tap on the order to view notes. And I can also add a comment on this order as we’re working on it, such as, “Found […]

Drag and Drop Not Working on Order Tracker

Here is what to do if the drag & drop feature is not working with your touchscreen (but it is with the mouse) on the Order Tracker screen of Wash-Dry-Fold POS.   Disable “Swipe Between Pages” Accessibility Option in Chrome Your web browser, Google Chrome, likely has a feature turned on by default that navigates […]

Bag Label Printer Setup

Your Wash-Dry-Fold POS system may come with either a Zebra or a TSC bag label printer.  Both are very similar in setup and are identical in use from within the WDF POS software.   Zebra label printer setup Before connecting your bag label printer to your Wash-Dry-Fold POS system, be sure to insert a roll […]

Wrong Time on Receipts

If your Wash-Dry-Fold POS software is printing the wrong time on receipts, then it’s possible your computer’s date & time settings are incorrect. This page (How to set your time and time zone) will show you how to adjust your date & time settings. Make sure you have these following settings: “Set time automatically” is […]

Repair Tickets Video

  Transcription (Sean Henderson): Hello, this is Sean with Wash-Dry-Fold POS. I want to show you an exciting new feature to our system that I helped build called the repairs page. This is a whole new section of our software that lets you submit, view, edit and track machine repair tickets. To get to the […]

User Roles

  When creating a new employee profile in Wash-Dry-Fold POS, you must select one of seven distinct roles which control a user’s access to various parts of the software. Admin: Can add/edit employees of any role Can sign into the app from any device with their email address and password, and can access all areas […]

Coupons, Discounts, & Special Pricing Video

  Transcription (Brian Henderson): This video will go over all the different ways to give a discount to a customer. We’ll start with the most basic methods and then we’ll go up to the more advanced ones as we go along. So let’s begin a transaction and let’s search for say this George Washington guy, […]

On Account Customers & Monthly Billing Video

  Transcription (Brian Henderson): This video will show you how to create an “On Account” customer, which is commonly used for commercial accounts for monthly billing. We’ll click new sale and we’ll search for our customer. We’ll click edit on this profile here. We’ll go to the billing tab and we’ll select “Enable ‘On Account’”, […]

Change an Order’s Status

Let’s say you need to change an order from “Done” back to “To Do” the day after it was processed, but it’s the next day and the Done column has already been automatically cleared of orders.  Here is an alternative way you can change an order’s status when you cannot do so from the Order […]

Voids, Refunds, & Store Credit Video

Transcript (Brian Henderson): This video will show you how to void orders, issue refunds, and how to issue store credit. We’ll click on the recall order button on the register screen. We’ll select the order that we want to void. Then we’ll click the red void order button. We’ll enter a reason for voiding this, […]

Minimum Order and Minimum Price Video

  Transcript (Brian Henderson): Laundromats with wash-dry-fold drop off laundry services typically have a minimum amount required for orders they accept. This minimum order amount is enforced in one of two ways. The first and most common method is to require a minimum grand total for the entire order. This minimum applies to the combined […]