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Map of Wash-Dry-Fold POS Customers

Map of Wash-Dry-Fold POS Customers


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Wash-Dry-Fold POS
Average rating:  
 63 reviews
 by David
Business Name: Ginny's Wash House
City, State: Scottsdale, AZ

The POS system works great and the customer support could not be better! I can see the activity and monitor activity while being remote. I don't have a single complaint about the system or company!

 by Lydia Ragonese
Business Name: Trolley Laundry
City, State: Wilmington, DE

I am very pleased with the WDF POS we purchased. It has been a game changer in automating our processes. The salesperson for WDF POS was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was honest in giving us advice on what we needed. It means a lot to work with people who have integrity and aren’t just pushy salespeople. I’m impressed with the customer service as well. All the people who helped us throughout the process, including training, were patient, kind, professional and thorough. You can tell they want their customers to be highly satisfied with their product and are continuously making changes for enhancing and improving the system, which I appreciate.

 by Bryan Moravec
Business Name: So Fresh N So Clean Laundromat
City, State: Rochester, NY

WDF POS is the best point of sale system in the laundromat industry. Staff is top notch and have created/designed a system that actually works. They understand the needs for processing a wash n fold and created a system so easy that my 78-year-old employee can use it. It’s very user friendly and simple. You can go in and edit / modify and create many different functions for employees and mostly the laundromat owners to utilize and manage employees / cash drawers / WnF. The timesheets and other reports are just a bonus to the system. WDF POS understands our industry 100% and not just tech kids in their dorm room or logistics companies trying to push off of hype. (Sorry for being blunt) I like how their system is a (keep it simple stupid) BEST of ALL, you don’t need to increase wash and fold 400% to cover the monthly charges. LOL. Great job guys and we are looking forward to a long future.

 by Glen Hawkins
Business Name: Northgate Laundromat
City, State: Tucson, AZ

This system has made ownership much easier! I can get reports for each Attendant and much easier to get reports I need to make real time decisions! Keeps better track of inventory than paper and pencil.

My wife and I put this system in our Laundromat about 3 months ago. We are still finding new ways to help improve our effectiveness with our customers. We are so pleased with the system and all the new updates that have helped greatly to better serve our customers!

 by Sharon Brinks
Business Name: The Laundry Station
City, State: Wichita, KS

WDF POS was created by a laundromat owner with multiple stores that also have a robust drop off business. With such a depth of understanding of the business, it is no wonder WDF POS fits our high volume needs perfectly. The cloud-based system was easy for our employees to learn and our customers appreciate the smoothness and professionalism of transactions. Training and customer service are the best around. New features are continually being added, and they are very responsive to feedback. I highly recommend it!

 by Lindy Wilkinson
Business Name: Splish Splash Wash & Fold
City, State: Baton Rouge, LA

This system has been a life changer! From keeping track of laundry orders to time keeping and production reports, we have FINALLY found the answer. Our attendants learned the new system quickly and our customers love the professional look. The training and customer service are top notch - I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

 by Paul S.
Business Name: The Laundry Room
City, State: Oswego, IL

After buying my laundromat I discovered that the antiquated system (a binder) that had been used previously was not going to cut it for me. When I discovered the Wash, Dry, Fold POS it was such a relief. I can't imagine running my business without it. My customers love it too.

 by Vicky Dotson
Business Name: Tucson Laundry Centers
City, State: Tucson, AZ

Brian and his team have done a phenomenal job with this software. I've been a user since close to the beginning, when they used to sell desktop POS software they had adapted to laundry. Through that experience, Brian and his team created this cloud based system that works awesome for the laundromat industry and any suggestions for improvements are always taken to heart and used to improve the system. It is a constantly improving system because of laundromat owners help. I love this about the WDF POS system. We are not just a number, but you get to know Brian and his team, as they work closely with you through set up and throughout your entire experience, even if you feel you're a pro. My employees find it easy to use and training new employees is pretty simple. I love that I can access the info from home, without having to log into my stores. I can run my own reports independent of the store, and print them at home to keep track of financials. My customers are viewable at both my stores, so their information is accessible and they can go to either store for service. Credit card processing set up was a breeze, Brian even helps you walk through the compliance process. Brian has many videos that walk you through just about anything you would need to do on the system. All the equipment has been a high quality and works the way it should, and if by chance there is something you can't figure out, Brian has a feedback form available to you and your employees and he is very responsive to your questions or issues. This software has truly helped keep our drop off customer business working like a well oiled machine, through order tracking, labeling and texting customers.

 by Ben Blair
Business Name: BBs Laundromat
City, State: San Pablo, CA

This is the "Square" of Wash Dry Fold!!

I've been a user of WDFPOS from the beginning and the new version of the software is absolutely fantastic. It is easy to use, all my attendants absolutely love it for it's ease of use and tracking capabilities. I just can't say enough great things about both the front end user interface and the back end reporting are terrific.

I highly recommend this to anyone doing WDF.

 by Doug Taber Jr
Business Name: Bubbles Laundry Spa
City, State: Central Village, CT

The team thus far has been VERY RESPONSIVE and the employees LOVE the software. VERY user friendly. Can't wait to see more updates! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this software

 by Gina Reese
Business Name: Wash House Laundry
City, State: Blue Springs, MO

I have had Wash Dry Fold POS from nearly the beginning. Brian has been the ABSOLUTE best every time I have needed him. With him adding Ian, Sean and especially Chelsea to the team, they are PRICELESS! This new system is so easy to use! Yesterday I thought of a good update and Brian read my mind and already added it on the latest update! Yes he is that good! haha! Many good things I can say about this system but probably the best thing I can say is that my older attendants that are not as sure on the computer find this very simple and they love it! To sum it up - there is not one bad thing I can say. I am so thankful for them and all they do for me!

 by Tane Smith
Business Name: At Your Service Coin Laundry
City, State: Dayton, OH

I recently purchased my second POS system from Wash-Dry-Fold POS. My employees love the new system and all of its upgrades compared to the old system. The best part is, it is supported by the folks at Wash-Dry-Fold POS instead of another company. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a tracking system for their drop off laundry!!

 by Jody Pritchard
Business Name: Washington Ave Express Laundromat
City, State: Lancaster, OH

The software has made it easier for me to track Wash, Dry, Fold accounts and given me a timeclock to manage payroll. Love the ability to print labels for each WDF bag. Plus any issues I have had were addressed by a person in a timely fashion. (Within 10 mins on a weekend night).

 by Chris Balestracci
Business Name: Super Wash Laundry
City, State: East Haven, CT

Our new WDF POS is fantastic! We switched from Compass Max which we had for over a decade. It is so intuitive and very easy to use by our attendants using the mouse, keyboard or the touch screen! I can finally keep track of every step in the laundry process from sorting, washing, drying, to racking and pickup. Brian and his team are constantly improving it with feed back from all the store owner users which is the way it should be instead of engineers who have never been in a laundromat. If you really want to improve revenues, profit, and have a positive customer experience you need to get the Wash Dry Fold POS! The ability to have everything in the Cloud and to be able to monitor and work on my store and financials from anywhere are a huge technological advantage which allows me to scale my business AND give me more free time! I highly recommend Wash Dry Fold POS!

 by Agim J.
Business Name: Clean Bubble Laundry
City, State: Brooklyn, New York

Great POS system. User friendly for anyone to use. Employees can track laundry from acceptance, wash, dry and fold. When completed, a text notification is sent to customers. It has everything that you need in order to manage wash-n-fold and everything else in between. We are extremely happy with the system, as reflected in the 5 star rating.
Thank you

 by Robert Carrell
Business Name: Fresh Folds Laundry
City, State: Tacoma/Parkland, WA

"Free Time" who wants some?
This system has made more time for me. No more hand written laundry tickets with poor illegible writing that get lost.
I can pull up billing from my home computer or at the laundry. I can see exactly what was sold or what needs to be ordered.
I can pull time sheets from the computer. I don't have to go to the laundries to collect time cards or add them up any more.
I can change prices or add new item tabs all with a click of a button.
I can see who is on the clock at each location and see just how busy they are with the order tracker.
I can see which employee is completing the most laundry orders.
This system is really the jack of all trades.

 by Lawonda Billings
Business Name: The Laundry Closet
City, State: Farmingdale, NY

Wash-Dry-Fold POS system has been a lifesaver for us. Having this POS system has helped us organize and efficiently manage operations and financials. Customers love the text notification feature. The training and support by Chelsea was second to none, very thorough, professional and easy to follow setup. Highly Recommend!

 by David
Business Name: Premier Laundry Solutions
City, State: Griffith, IN

I have been with Wash Dry Fold POS for many years now. The new upgrade is fantastic and it shows that the software was developed by a laundromat operator. Great job guys!

 by Douglas Zoraian
Business Name: Family Laundry
City, State: New Jersey

Excellent POS, great support, very straight forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Thank you guys, great job!

 by Ronald Hogan
Business Name: Shoreside Laundromat
City, State: Revere, MA

I have tried four different POS systems for my laundromat. I'm sure I finally found my permanent solution. There simply is not a more complete solution built for laundromats anyplace in the market. The wash dry fold functionality if truly exceptional. The reporting is beautiful in its simplicity while being complete. It has made my life SOOO much easier. I work a full time job and am able to monitor things completely.

Bottom line, there are truly no flaws. The couple things I mentioned early on to Brian were integrated quickly into the product. Can't recommend enough.

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