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Wash-Dry-Fold POS
Average rating:  
 52 reviews
 by Tane Smith
Business Name: At Your Service Coin Laundry
City, State: Dayton, OH

I recently purchased my second POS system from Wash-Dry-Fold POS. My employees love the new system and all of its upgrades compared to the old system. The best part is, it is supported by the folks at Wash-Dry-Fold POS instead of another company. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a tracking system for their drop off laundry!!

 by Jody Pritchard
Business Name: Washington Ave Express Laundromat
City, State: Lancaster, OH

The software has made it easier for me to track Wash, Dry, Fold accounts and given me a timeclock to manage payroll. Love the ability to print labels for each WDF bag. Plus any issues I have had were addressed by a person in a timely fashion. (Within 10 mins on a weekend night).

 by Chris Balestracci
Business Name: Super Wash Laundry
City, State: East Haven, CT

Our new WDF POS is fantastic! We switched from Compass Max which we had for over a decade. It is so intuitive and very easy to use by our attendants using the mouse, keyboard or the touch screen! I can finally keep track of every step in the laundry process from sorting, washing, drying, to racking and pickup. Brian and his team are constantly improving it with feed back from all the store owner users which is the way it should be instead of engineers who have never been in a laundromat. If you really want to improve revenues, profit, and have a positive customer experience you need to get the Wash Dry Fold POS! The ability to have everything in the Cloud and to be able to monitor and work on my store and financials from anywhere are a huge technological advantage which allows me to scale my business AND give me more free time! I highly recommend Wash Dry Fold POS!

 by Agim J.
Business Name: Clean Bubble Laundry
City, State: Brooklyn, New York

Great POS system. User friendly for anyone to use. Employees can track laundry from acceptance, wash, dry and fold. When completed, a text notification is sent to customers. It has everything that you need in order to manage wash-n-fold and everything else in between. We are extremely happy with the system, as reflected in the 5 star rating.
Thank you

 by Robert Carrell
Business Name: Fresh Folds Laundry
City, State: Tacoma/Parkland, WA

"Free Time" who wants some?
This system has made more time for me. No more hand written laundry tickets with poor illegible writing that get lost.
I can pull up billing from my home computer or at the laundry. I can see exactly what was sold or what needs to be ordered.
I can pull time sheets from the computer. I don't have to go to the laundries to collect time cards or add them up any more.
I can change prices or add new item tabs all with a click of a button.
I can see who is on the clock at each location and see just how busy they are with the order tracker.
I can see which employee is completing the most laundry orders.
This system is really the jack of all trades.

 by Lawonda Billings
Business Name: The Laundry Closet
City, State: Farmingdale, NY

Wash-Dry-Fold POS system has been a lifesaver for us. Having this POS system has helped us organize and efficiently manage operations and financials. Customers love the text notification feature. The training and support by Chelsea was second to none, very thorough, professional and easy to follow setup. Highly Recommend!

 by David
Business Name: Premier Laundry Solutions
City, State: Griffith, IN

I have been with Wash Dry Fold POS for many years now. The new upgrade is fantastic and it shows that the software was developed by a laundromat operator. Great job guys!

 by Douglas Zoraian
Business Name: Family Laundry
City, State: New Jersey

Excellent POS, great support, very straight forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Thank you guys, great job!

 by Ronald Hogan
Business Name: Shoreside Laundromat
City, State: Revere, MA

I have tried four different POS systems for my laundromat. I'm sure I finally found my permanent solution. There simply is not a more complete solution built for laundromats anyplace in the market. The wash dry fold functionality if truly exceptional. The reporting is beautiful in its simplicity while being complete. It has made my life SOOO much easier. I work a full time job and am able to monitor things completely.

Bottom line, there are truly no flaws. The couple things I mentioned early on to Brian were integrated quickly into the product. Can't recommend enough.

 by Victor Ayers
Business Name: Bradley Bleach Laundromat
City, State: Bradley Beach, NJ

Wash-Dry-Fold POS represents best practice in software and support. The WDF POS team made it very easy to convert from our prior system with no disruption to our business. Our staff loves the ease of use and functionality and customers love the texting feature for pickup.

 by Dave "Laundromat Millionaire" Menz
Business Name: Queen City Laundry
City, State: Cincinnati, Ohio

The team at WDF POS is absolutely second to none. Their professionalism, character, and enthusiasm for the user is amazing during the sales process and the after sale support is much more of the same. We originally ordered a system for 1 store and will soon be ordering 3 more for our other stores. Absolute top of the industry imo.

 by Douglas Hay
Business Name: DD Wash N Dry
City, State: Dallas TX

I'll make this very simple, trust me, its better that way...

...we wouldn't have stood a snowball's chance in you know where if we'd tried to get our new WDF business to the point it is now in the 6 weeks or so we've been operating it. NO WAY, NO HOW.

Brian and his team are BEYOND professional, and the guidance, business model and equipment they provide are absolutely top notch. We couldn't be happier and recommend them in a heartbeat. Training took all of 90min or so...

I didn’t want to drive myself crazy trying to piece together tablets, cash drawers, printers, etc to generic software that will run a hair salon and a gas station too... I do best keeping it simple. And my employees, customers and myself are glad I did.

Just sayin.

 by Jesse Scianno
Business Name: West Melbourne Laundromat
City, State: Melbourne, FL

We have owed Wash Dry Fold POS for over 3 years and we just bought our second system. We love using this easy set up system. Brian and his team are very helpful if there ever is any problems. Highly recommend Wash Dry Fold POS to any laundromat owner that is doing drop off service.

Jesse Scianno
West Melbourne Laundromat

 by Tom Burgett
Business Name: Suds Out Laundromat
City, State: Lakewood, CO

I have had several years’ experience with Brian and Ian and the WDF POS system. We have had great success with the first iteration of their product in the two laundromats my oldest son Bear has in Northern Colorado. So, when I decided to open a store in the metro Denver area earlier this year for my younger son Ben, the first order of business was to contact Ian for the new and improved WDF POS system for that location. New and improved is an understatement. The ease of operation, the full range of reporting capabilities and just the intuitive nature of the system highlights the thought and effort that Brian put into refining what was already, in my opinion, the premier product of its kind in our industry. Our attendants love it. How impressed were we? Within a month of operating the new version of this amazing product, we ordered the new system to update our other two locations! If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best. And the WDF POS team are the best.

 by James L Radovic
Business Name: Jupiter and Stuart Laundry
City, State: Jupiter and Stuart, FL

This is my 3rd review of my 2 Wash-Dry-Fold POS systems. I have now been running for 3 months and these systems have actually changed my life. From an attendant point-of-view, the system is so intuitive they can train themselves using a one page help sheet in a matter of minutes and grow to use the advanced features as they learn the basics. And from an owner's point-of-view, the reporting capabilities for understanding all of your business (employee productivity, customers orders, exception processing (order voids, refunds, etc.) and detailed financials are easy to get and very useful. And Brian is continuing to add features to this system on a regular basis. The laundry owner's work is significantly cut down due its ease of use and powerful reporting tools. Over the years, I have used three different systems but none have come close to the ease and power of this Wash-Dry-Fold POS system. I can not over-emphasize how much this system has simplified this part of my business life. If anyone wants first hand knowledge of what it has done for my businesses, ask Brian for my e-mail or phone number and I will be glad to talk to you about it.

Jim Radovic, Owner
Jupiter and Stuart Laundry

 by Bear Burgett
Business Name: Laundry Basket
City, State: Fort Collins/Loveland, CO

I used to run from customers and have the staff work the POS as the old version was just not intuitive to me. This is light years better!!! As a barely functional Apple user this was hard for me to use before the new WDFPOS software, now I feel like I can competently train my staff on it, use it with customers and just feel overall more confident in my ability to run and manage my Laundromats and staff. Thank you Brian.

 by James L Radovic
Business Name: Jupiter and Downtown Stuart Laundry
City, State: Jupiter and Stuart, Florida

This is my second review of this amazing system. We have been in the laundry business for 19 years. Over time, our two laundromats have used several different POS systems to help keep the wash/dry/fold process as easy and accurate as possible. Until now, every system had some problems specific to my operation which caused the attendants to learn how to work around the system to manage their work. Trying to get the changes needed to make these systems work better for us was very difficult, if not impossible. Now we have the best system ever to process our W/D/F business. I can not over emphasize the importance of having a person like Brian to discuss these issues, and then get the results you want. This system is by far the easiest, most flexible, most manageable, powerful and intuitive system we have ever used. The attendants love to use the system, as does the management. And more improvements/expansions are continuing to be made.

Jim Radovic

 by Kelli Reed
Business Name: Splash 'Em Out Laundry
City, State: Lexington, KY

I want to say that we have owned laundromats for 12 years now; and have been looking for a POS all this time that was geared toward laundromats. One day, not long ago we found Brian Henderson with Wash Dry Fold POS. We thought, this has to be way too good to be true, but it was not. We were still skeptical until we got our first POS delivered. Wow, everything is geared toward our industry, ease to use, and great customer service. It’s so easy to use even a caveman can do it, lol. I can’t say enough about Ian and Brian, and the passion they have constantly trying to make the system better with the updates; and always answering their phones when we call. This Wash Dry Fold POS has made doing payroll easier, running credit cards easier, storing all contacts in the system easier, and has made the job much more fluid. We love how nothing is hand-written, and how we can automatically text the customers through the system telling them that their clothes are ready for pick-up. This system is way more professional allowing you to put away the hand-written tickets. Thanks Brian and Ian for introducing Splash 'Em Out Laundromats to Wash Dry Fold POS.

A World of Thanks,

Kelli and Joe Dan Reed

 by Dave "Laundromat Millionaire" Menz
Business Name: Queen City Laundry
City, State: Cincinnati, Ohio

Brian, Ian and their team have been amazing from the very beginning of my diligence in seeking a POS for my laundromats. We have a chain of family owned stores and decided to start with one POS and a store a see how it goes. Needless to say, they will be getting orders for all the four other stores very shortly. They are leaders and true rockstars in our Industry and WDF POS is definitely the best Laundromat Management system and Point of Sale our there.

 by Wade Hickok
Business Name: Big Waves Laundromat
City, State: Santa Monica, CA

If you run (or want to run) a high-volume WDF operation at your laundromat, I highly recommend this POS. It's an intuitive interface that does a lot more than print out pretty receipts. With Wash-Dry-Fold POS installed and integrated at my laundromat, when a customer walks in, I can pull up their record instantly, know all their previous orders, and give rewards to customers in accordance with their spending. I create email lists from the customer records and periodically send them news and promotions. When a customer's order is ready for pick-up, we can text them directly from the system. This is a powerful system with lots of marketing functionality built-in and I'm extremely happy with it!

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