Recalling an Invoice



(Brian Henderson): Let’s go over how to recall an invoice. First, you go to options, recall invoice. This pulls up your list of your most recent transactions. It’s going to show both completed transactions as well as voided ones as well. In order to view it, simply select it or double click it, or highlight it and choose select. This will pull up the transaction. Notice that everything’s greyed out except for print, end display, or void invoice.

Print will print a duplicate copy of the receipt, and at the top of the receipt it even says, “Duplicate copy.” Void invoice actually removes this transaction from the daily totals. It doesn’t completely delete the transaction, it’ll still show up in the end of day report as a voided transaction, but it’s helpful if you made a mistake and need to re-ring an order. End display simply gets you out of that screen and back to the main sales screen. Please notice that this button is different than the recall on hold invoice button. Recall invoice pulls up your most recent transactions. Recall on hold invoice is the same as the fetch on hold button for pulling up your orders that are pay at pickup that are waiting to be paid for.

When you recall an invoice, you can also search by the invoice number. Say if I wanted to look at invoice number eight, and notice how it pulls it up directly. Looks like this transaction was voided on the 13th.

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