Wash-Dry-Fold POS System for Springboard Customers

Price: $3500  Springboard Customers: $1995

All configurations include:

  • Commercial-Grade Hardware
  • Simple & Easy-to-use Laundromat Interface
  • Customer Database w/ Permanent Account Notes
  • 1-touch Modifiers (like “Spot Treat” & “Air Dry”)
  • Commercial Billing with “Card on File”, “On Account”, and Easy Invoicing
  • Time Clock
  • Coupons & Loyalty Plans
  • Inventory Tracking
  • 75+ Reports
  • Employee Permission Levels
  • Employee Activity Monitoring (such as voided transactions)
  • Employee Theft Prevention
  • Till Count Tracking (enforce at open and close)
  • Custom Disclaimers for Fragile Items
  • Open Credit Card Acceptance (use who you want)