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(Brian Henderson): Processing payments on the point of sale system is very simple. If you’re within the TS lookup screen, the pay button will be down here, or if you’re on the main sales screen, the pay button will be up here. The amount the customer has handed you is on the left and the amount that’s owed is on the right. If they handed you exact cash, you just simply select cash. If they handed you a bill of these denominations, you could simply choose one of these for a quick shortcut. This is called the quick cash buttons. Alternatively, if they handed you a different amount, say this customer gave me $6.75, I could type that in and then choose cash.

By default, the point of sale system is programmed to ask if you would like to print a receipt, yes or no. For drop off laundry orders, you always want to choose yes. For retail type transactions such as hangers, candy, typically, no in our experience. If the customer wants a receipt though, then of course, yes. The amount of change that’s owed will show up in the top right corner, and there you go, you’ve done that.

Let’s take a look at those other payment options. Let’s add a couple of items. Okay. If the customer wants to pay with a check, you’ll have to enter the check number as it appears in the top, right corner. Now, make sure that all checks have been filled out correctly before accepting them. Take the time to carefully inspect the check before accepting it. You’re looking for the correct date, you’re looking for a signature and also made out to your company. If you look at this picture of the receipt, you’ll see the check number is printed on there for the customer’s records.

If the customer is paying with a credit card and there’s already an integrated credit card reader built into your point of sale system, you can simply swipe their credit on this screen. You don’t actually have to click the credit card button. In this example, I don’t have an integrated credit card reader and so it’s saying external credit card. That’s if you have a separate credit card terminal next to your point of sale system.

Additionally, this point of sale system supports built in gift card processing, and there’s a blank space right here for on account customers. If you have a customer who is billed on a monthly basis, there will be an additional button that says, “On account,” to charge an order to their account for later billing.

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