Pay at Pickup & Weigh When Dry



(Brian Henderson): Typically, you’ll want to encourage your customers to pay when they drop off laundry orders, but on occasion they may wish to pay at pickup for whatever reason. This is supported.

You simply choose your customer, select your items, and then instead of going to Pay, you hit Done. Go to Options, Hold and Print. If you think about what that button actually said, it literally says you’re going to place the order on hold and it will print a receipt. Now, you can put the label on the order when it’s all finished. When the customer comes in at a later time to pick up the order, you’re simply go to go to Fetch on Hold, and you’ll select from this list of unpaid orders. As soon as you select it, it recalls all information and now you can go to the payment screen.

An extension of this concept would be a Weigh when Dry order. Say, for example, you have a customer whose washer broke when they were washing their laundry at home, and their clothes are soaking wet. Obviously, you can’t weigh the order right up front, so you’ll create a Weigh when Dry order. This is a type of pay at pickup order.

First, you’ll choose your customer, and then instead of Wash-Dry-Fold Basic, you’ll choose Weigh when Dry. You may enter the quantity if you can so you can see the difference between when it was wet versus when it was dry, or if it’s a particularly large or cumbersome order, you might simply just leave it at one, but notice that the price is for zero dollars. Don’t choose pay because that’ll close the ticket. Instead, go to Options, Hold and Print. Then, you’ll wash, dry, and fold the order.

When the order’s finished, you’ve got it all packaged. You’re about to put it back up on the shelf. You’re going to recall the order, and now you’ll find the final weight of the order. Go to TS Lookup, Wash-Dry-Fold Basic, enter the final weight, and now, again, go to Hold and Print. Now, you have a final ticket that will go on the bag as it goes on the shelf ready for the customer to come pick up their laundry. Then, when the customer comes to pick up either a day or two later, you’ll recall it from that list. Go to Pay and pay for your order.

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