On Hold Error

Have you seen this error message?

On Hold Error Message


“This invoice is currently in use by another server on station 01.  Please wait until they have finished or contact an administrator to override.”



This issue is caused by mishandling an order that has been placed On Hold.

If the following suggested solution below doesn’t work or if you have ongoing issues related to this subject, then we strongly recommend contacting pcAmerica technical support at 1-800-342-5729. (pcAmerica makes Cash Register Express, which is the software used in all Wash-Dry-Fold POS systems.)


Here’s how it happens

When someone creates a ticket and places it on hold, it goes into the Fetch On Hold list. Then, if someone were to recall that order from that list and then use the Delete button on the left side of the screen to delete every line item from the ticket, it also removes the customer’s name from the order and they have just created a hollow shell of an order. It’s still on the Fetch On Hold list, but there’s nothing on it.


When someone tries to reopen that empty order, it appears that there’s nothing there. However, it’s the actual order they’re viewing right then but it’s just that everything has been deleted off of it. When this ticket is reopened more than once in this situation, you get the error message shown in the picture above because the ticket was never actually closed to payment or voided correctly.


Here’s how you fix it

Enter the administrative password and ID when prompted for it. It will look like nothing happened. Then, go to TS Lookup and select any item to put something on the ticket. Then, click on Done to exit TS Lookup and select the red Void Invoice button. If you go back to the Fetch On Hold list, you will see that the empty order has been removed from the list. You have to add an item first because you can’t void an invoice with nothing on it.


This problem occurs when someone isn’t aware that deleting all the items off an order that’s On Hold will cause this empty shell of an order to exist. When trying to cancel an order that’s on hold, then the Void Invoice button should be used instead of deleting all the line items with the Delete button. Or, if one is simply wanting to view an On Hold order, then they should click on the Hold button to place it back on the list when they’re done viewing it.


How do I found out who’s doing it?

Go to Administrative > Reporting > Sales > Invoice Exceptions.  Look for entries regarding line item deletions.