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About POS-X

Great news, everyone!  Wash-Dry-Fold POS is now an authorized dealer for POS-X hardware.  This is fantastic because we now have access to new-to-market, state-of-the-art equipment with quick shipping, wonderful support, and an industry-leading warranty.

POS-X features 24/7 free lifetime support for their hardware, combined with an average 2 minute hold time for support phone calls, and a 24 hour average repair time for equipment.  They currently support over 63,000 systems worldwide!  All of their hardware comes standard with a 3-year warranty with 2-day advance exchange.  This is upgradeable for a small amount more to a 5-year warranty with overnight replacement including one “no fault” accidental damage replacement.  That means even if someone on your team accidentally spills fresh, hot coffee on your Point-of-Sale system (yes, this really happened to us) then you do not have to worry because POS-X has you covered!  One quick phone call fixes your problem.

I can personally attest to how nice and durable their hardware is because I am a customer of theirs myself.  My family’s business, Liberty Laundry, has three laundromat locations in northeast Oklahoma.  We exclusively use POS-X hardware in all three of our stores because it is just the right combination of an excellent price point and product quality.  When I realized that I could become an authorized dealer for POS-X hardware as part of building out the supply chain for Wash-Dry-Fold POS, I got very excited because I am a firm believer in them as a company and am a repeat customer of their products.

About the Hardware

Wash-Dry-Fold POS is the only Point-of-Sale software program configured exclusively for laundromats by a fellow laundromat owner.  Now, thanks to this partnership with POS-X, we are able to offer hardware that matches the software in regard to great features aimed squarely at the particular needs of laundromat owners.

Ever had to deal with lint in your laundromat?  Me too.  In fact, I just spent the last week deep cleaning the dryers in our busiest store and I am painfully aware of how fast lint can kill electronics such as a desktop PC.  The lint gets everywhere!  Even in a very clean store!

The POS-X ION TP5 with Printer is an All-in-One touchscreen POS computer and it is fanless! It has no moving parts aside from the thermal receipt printer built into its base meaning that lint cannot kill this computer.  A real plus!  I highly recommend reading more about this unit on the POS-X website or taking a look at its datasheet.

You can click on each image below to get a better look at the equipment:

The POS-X ION Cash Drawer features black steel construction, a media slot on the front which is great for storing credit card signature slips, and a tray with five bill compartments and five coin compartments.  It is built to last, with an expected solenoid lifespan of 1,000,000+ cycles.  What does that mean?  Well, let’s assume you have a busy laundromat and you open and close the cash drawer 50 times a day, every day.  That means the solenoid may finally give out after 54 years of service!

Setup videos and documentation are coming soon, so keep an eye open for that.  There is not much to set up, though!  Thanks to the ION TP5 with Printer being an All-in-One Windows PC, you basically just need to set it on the counter and plug in your cash drawer cable and your internet connection network cable.

Interested in receiving a quote for a new system?  It’s actually at the same price point as the other hardware was before!  Click here to request a quote.

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