Laundromat Marketing Resources

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Laundromat’s Wash-Dry-Fold Drop-Off Laundry Service

by Brian Henderson and Ian Gollahon

1. In-Store Promotion

  • Think about your layout from a new customer’s perspective.
    • Is it immediately obvious that you offer Wash-Dry-Fold (WDF) and that you want to do their laundry?
    • Is it immediately clear where they should go and what they should do?
    • Always have clear signage — inside and out.
    • Consider referring to it as “drop-off laundry service” instead of industry terms “wash-dry-fold” or “fluff and fold” on your signs for better clarity.
  • Attendants are your best salespeople!
    • Good attendants will help bring in WDF revenue, bad attendants will scare it off.
    • Training is crucial for attendant morale and best practices.
    • Consider a compensation plan based on attendant productivity.
    • Consider posting a mission statement to reinforce your company culture.

2. Online Promotion

  • Just having a website already puts you ahead of the majority of the competition.
    • According to the 2018 Coin Laundry Association’s Industry Survey.
      • 68% of laundromats don’t advertise online in any way, shape, or form.
      • 72% of laundromats do not have their own website.
    • Don’t have a website? The CLA offers a free website for members.
      • Your website needs to be very clear about what to expect, what’s the procedure, what’s the cost, what the order turnaround time is.
      • Here’s an example from an industry leading laundromat built using
  • Claim free listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp (the big three).
    • There are many other places you can list your business for free online — be open to what’s trending in your area, demographic, etc.
    • Link all the business listing websites back to your website.
      • This will improve search rankings (SEO as some call it) for all listings.
      • This can also improve search rankings for Google My Business and Google Maps, which are crucial marketing tools.

Bonus Tip: Consider hiring a local business photographer to help you build an inventory of excellent images for your business. Be sure to get happy smiling people and not a bare empty store. Post these pictures on all your listings and website!

3. Reviews and Feedback

  • Reviews are crucial for establishing public trust and dominance over the competition.
    • Consider offering a free snack or drink in exchange for a fresh online review.  It’s simple and it works!
    • Put Postcards in drop-off orders.
      • Personalize with the name of the team members who processed their laundry.
      • Include your email address or contact info in case anything is wrong.
      • Give options on how and where to write a review.
    • Consider Facebook WiFi.
      • Customers “check in” on your store’s Facebook Place page to access your WiFi.
      • Facebook will remind them a day or two later to write a review.
      • When they check-in to your laundromat it will prompt a post to their newsfeed.
  • Constantly ask for feedback and make it easy for customers to contact you (on your terms).
    • Create a message at the end of every receipt with instructions in case the customer isn’t satisfied.
    • Use “Fragile Item” disclaimers to set the right expectation for fragile items.
    • Save customer preferences on file and print them automatically on the receipt each time they visit (this will remind your attendant if they forget to ask).
    • Always offer a path to a real-life resolution and you’ll reduce the number of negative reviews.

4. Find Opportunities Where People Change Their Habits

  • People are most likely to change their habits when experiencing major life changes such as moving, having kids, divorce, or marriage.
    • Apartments offer welcome packages and can include your coupons, discount offer, etc.
    • Use your POS system to offer discount pricing tiers for universities, apartments, etc.
    • Target new homeowners, new parents, new students, etc.
      • Hit nearby geographic area with direct marketing (via direct mailing and/or mobile ads).
      • Use a “call to action” campaign with a coupon that can be directly tracked by your Wash-Dry-Fold POS.
  • Be smart with your in-store promotions.
    • Try “first-time” discounts to introduce a new customer to your excellent service.
      • Once the customer has their name and phone number in your POS, you’ll be able to prevent duplicates.
    • Choose between a point-based or visit-based loyalty system that rewards habitual use.
      • These points can be restricted to high margin purchases such as the drop-off laundry category.
      • You can exclude categories like retail items and dry cleaning drop-off.
    • Let the customer choose to apply the reward to their account or print off the reward voucher as a gift for a friend.
    • Create referral coupons where both parties get an account reward (customers acquiring more customers)!

5. Professionalism and Consistency

  • Offering your customers professionalism and consistency is probably the hardest thing because it’s so dependent on your employees’ performance.
    • Don’t leave your store culture to the whims of your employees. In other words, write a script for your attendants.
      • What they say and how they say it will dictate the atmosphere in your laundromat.
      • Get feedback from your team on what works well and what doesn’t regarding order acceptance and fulfillment.
    • Build a system, teach the system, hold employees accountable to the system.
  • Don’t leave out the tools that make the hardest job easier.
    • Use your POS system to track customer preferences and give your customer a professional experience.
    • Throw out bad handwriting and carbon-copy tickets. Everything should be printed and easy-to-read for customer and attendant alike.
    • Use a label printer for professional labels with the customer’s name and order info on every item so that bags aren’t mixed up and hanging items aren’t forgotten. Post-it notes can fall off and masking tape doesn’t look professional.
    • A “pencil-and-paper” drop-off service will create the expectation for “pencil-and-paper” pricing.
    • Offer a premium experience and you’ll do more volume at a higher price per pound.

Bonus Tip: If customers know what to expect and the experience has been carefully crafted for them, they’re going to recommend your service to friends and family — both online and offline. Watch our demo to see every tool Wash-Dry-Fold POS offers in action.