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(Brian Henderson): In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up loyalty plans with the Wash-Dry-Fold POS system. More specifically, I’m going to show you a particular way to set up kind of a 10th wash free type of plan that’s a commonly requested feature from many laundromats who had traditional punch card style offerings for the customers, where each time a customer visits the store, then they’d get punches put on their card, and once they accumulated enough, then they’d be able to turn it in for some type of reward. So, on this customer’s 10th visit, they would get a free wash, or, say, a coupon discount off of their next order.

So, how do you do that? That’s done using the customer loyalty functionality within the software. I’m going to go to the blue options button. I’m logged in as a manager right now at this permission level, so I can go to setup, and then customer loyalty. From this screen, you can create loyalty incentives, and also loyalty plans. I’m going to first create an incentive and add it to a loyalty plan. I’m going to click on the green add button and give it a name, such as 10th visit, or 10th wash free. There are many different types of incentive types. In this case, I’m going to use a points reward. If I wanted to, I could have chosen birthday bonus, frequency discount, or fire coupon/item.

I’m going to say 10 points. Actually, give reward after how many points, I’m going to make it nine points, because I want them to be able to get this on their 10th visit. For the reward, I could choose non-inventory items, such as something that’s outside of the point of sale system, a free gift card, an item in inventory, or a free voucher. In this case, I’m going to do a free voucher, and let’s say it’s worth $10. Then I’ll hit save. The $10 is just arbitrary. I’m just choosing a number for this example.

Okay, so we’ve created it. If I needed to make changes, I could hit update. If I had multiple incentives, then I would choose it from this list. I’m going to hit exit, I’m going to go back into customer loyalty, and now create a loyalty plan. Loyalty plans can have multiple incentives in them, so I’m going to add incentive. Actually, no, I’m sorry. First, I’m going to click on this green add button for loyalty plan to create one to put incentives inside of, and let’s call this the … Maybe the frequent wash club, or something. Or, maybe the 10th wash free club. How about that? Okay, and maybe plan. I know, I’m meticulous about this stuff. Add incentive. 10th wash free, adding it to there. Okay, I’m going to click on save, and then exit.

One last thing for loyalty plans is to make sure, after you’ve created it and saved it, to go back in and checkmark this box that says accumulate points, which is what we want to do. Otherwise, it would only keep track of points within one transaction, so I guess if they spent over a certain number of dollars or generate enough points within one transaction, they could get some type of reward. But in this case, we want to track them across multiple visits. So, we want to accumulate points. Be sure you select that, and then choose update.

Then we’re going to exit out and go into the setup screen. I’m going to put in my administrative password, and we’re going to double check on some settings here. So, setup and then setup screen, and then invoice settings. For kind of just real simple loyalty plans, you could just check mark earn bonus points for dollars, and that would be system-wide. If you just wanted to reward your highest spenders of customers, then each dollar would be equal to one point. In this case, I’m not doing that. I’m trying to setup something that happens on the 10th transaction that earns a point for that. So, we’re not going to use that.

Also, on page two, right here, default loyalty plans. So, if you had more than one loyalty plan, then you could choose it from this list. Whenever you create a new a customer, what are they automatically enrolled in. Or, it could be that you didn’t want to automatically enroll customers in some type of loyalty plan. You could set to none. It defaulted to this 10th wash free plan because that’s the only one that I have right now. So, just wanted to show you that. That’s in invoice settings within the setup screen.

The next thing I’m going to do to achieve this digital punch card type of loyalty plan is to create an item that has a price of $0, but it’s worth one bonus point when it’s added to a ticket. So, we’re going to go to options, administrative, and then inventory maintenance. I’ll then click on the green add item button and call this a standard item. I’m going to put it into the wash-dry-fold department, and we need to give it some type of item number, so maybe plan one, or something like that. Then we could call this a bonus point, or you could call it a punch card item, or something like that. Deselect tax. I’m going to, right here, say bonus points. Give it a value of one each time this is added to a ticket. I’m also going to deselect count this item, because it’s not a retail item I’m keeping track of, although I can generate reports on it at any time.

Also, on additional info, I am going to select require customer. The reason being, I really only want this to apply to drop-off laundry customers. So, we’re going to click on the save button, and then exit. Now we’re going to choose our customer. Remember, we double check those settings. Whenever a new one is created, then they’ll be automatically enrolled in this plan, but if I wanted to add an existing customer to this plan, I’ll hit edit customer, and this big, blue button here that says loyalty plan none, I’m going to click on that and then choose our 10th wash free plan. You can also see here on the top right corner how many bonus points have been achieved already by this customer. I’ll click update.

So, let’s do a test transaction to see how all of this works. We’re going to click on find, and choose our customer. We’ll hit the TS lookup button, add items to this order, say he’s dropping off 25 pounds of laundry. I use the manual weight button, because I don’t have a weight scale connected to this test computer that I’m recording this video on. I’m going to add the bonus point now, which will add a $0 item, and I’ll go to pay and say he hands me $40 cash. I’ll print off a receipt, and let’s look at that together. You can see here on this receipt now that he has one bonus point that he has accumulated so far, and total bonus points available is one. So, what I’ll do next is I will bring up a few more transactions and get all the way up to that 10th visit for this customer, and we’ll see what kind of a thing happens at that point in time.

Let’s see what happens on that 10th visit. We’ve selected him. He currently has nine points, so this is his 10th time back, and say he’s dropping off 10 pounds of laundry this time. We’ll add bonus point, and when we go to pay, you’ll notice something that will be popping up in the background here. You can see how it’s adding that $10 voucher we created earlier to this ticket. So, when we click payment, and I’ll just hit … Let’s say he’s handing us $20 cash. I can use this shortcut button down here. When we print our receipt, we will see the voucher.

If you look at this receipt, it shows how the bonus points have been deducted automatically, and that a gift card store credit item, the voucher, has been created automatically, and if you look at the voucher itself, it has a nice big bar code on it, which you can use at the bar code scanner, or you can type in that line there where it says store credit, SC-1001-9. Anyway, it will deduct $10 from any transaction you apply it to. So, you hand that to the customer, and it’s then up to them to remember to use it on future transactions.


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