Bag Labeling Solution


Say goodbye to Post-It Notes and masking tape on your finished drop-off laundry orders! Professional-looking system will increase your service’s value to your customers with computer printed labels.


  • Proprietary Bag Labeling Software
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • USB Cable
  • 1 Roll of 1,375 Thermal Labels (4″x1″)


Below are sample images of what the labels will look like when used as a sticker to attach the order ticket to a bag of finished laundry.  There is also an option to allow it to easily label pending (unwashed) drop-off laundry orders so there will never be an unlabeled bag of laundry sitting in your service area!


Drop-off laundry service point-of-sale POS receiptDrop-off laundry service point-of-sale POS receipt with disclaimer


Printing Labels

When you are finished packaging a WDF order, use the Label Printer to print out a label for each bag.  You can open the program by selecting the printer icon found on the taskbar after logging into the POS system.

Label printer program

The Label Printer program


The program has three fields to enter: Customer Name, # of Bags, and # of Hanging.  Enter the appropriate information, and then select the large Print button.


Label printer program close-up

Label Printer program close-up


After selecting the Print button, you can choose how many copies you would like to print from the Print dialog.


Print dialog

Print dialog


If you choose the Preview button instead of Print, you can see a print preview of what the finished label will look like when printed.  You may select “Close” to close the preview window.


Print preview window

Print Preview window


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