June 9 Receipt Printer Issue

Press the Windows Start menu in the bottom-left corner and choose StarMicronics > Configuration Utility TSP100:


Next choose ESC/POS mode and press OK:


Go to Print Tests and click the “Check the connection” button:


You will likely get an error stating “Could not communicate with the printer.” Press OK.


Now, click the Windows Start menu button in the bottom-left corner, choose power, and restart the computer.


Next, just like before you will open the StarMicronics > Configuration Utility TSP100 program, choose ESC/POS and press OK, then go to Print Tests.  Click the “Check the connection” button and nothing will happen.  The try the “Open Cash Drawer 1” button and the cash drawer should open.


Your system should be fixed by this and your Wash-Dry-Fold POS software will operate normally.  You can now close the StarMicronics Configuraiton Utility TSP100 program.