Issuing Store Credit for Refunds



(Brian Henderson): This video is going to teach you how to issue store credit and then later allow a customer to use store credit to pay for an order. First, we’ll click on find to choose our customer, and we’ll go to edit customer. We’ll then click on the account info tab. And we’ll click the O button next to open account date. This customer now has an open account meaning they can receive store credit, or in the case of commercial accounts, they could charge transactions to on account as a payment method. The only difference is positive and negative values. We’ll click on update. Now we will issue a refund to this customer with store credit.

We’ll click on find, and select our customer. We’ll then go to TS Lookup, and go to the refund button and issue a negative dollar amount for this refund. So let’s pretend we’re issuing a $25 refund to this customer. Here I have it set up to prompt for a reason, a description for the refund, in this case, in this example, I’m just going to say customer satisfaction. This allows the attendant to share some information with you about why they’re issuing this refund. We’ll click on the pay button, and then notice how it’s a negative dollar amount, it’s in parentheses. So we will click on the on account button.

We’ll now pretend that it’s a week later and the customer’s come back to pay for the order, their next order, with using their store credit you gave them. So first we’ll select the customer. And you’ll see here in the bottom-right corner, in the customer information box, that they now have a balance of negative $25, meaning they have store credit. So if we add items to the ticket, say dropping off 100 pounds of laundry. And they’re going to pay for it, you can then type in, say that $25, and say on account. Then the remaining balance they can pay with cash, or credit card, or anything like that. In this case I’m going to say cash just for example.

And on the receipt it would should that the customer has used up their store credit. In fact, if I choose them again, you’ll see that the balance for store credit has now disappeared, because we used that amount.

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