Example Transaction from Start to Finish



(Brian Henderson): Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s put it all together into one transaction from start to finish. I’m going to log in, and then I’m going to choose find. I’m going to search for the customer by their last name or phone number. If it doesn’t show up, then I know I need to add a new customer. In this case Mr. John Adams is dropping off his laundry. What a privilege. I’m going to make sure to print notes on receipt, and if there’s any special notes that he would like done every time he ever drops off his laundry, we can save it here. Let’s see. Use hypoallergenic soap. Okay. Save customer. There he is. There’s our note.

I’m going to add our items, wash, dry, fold basic in this case. He’s dropping off 15 pounds of laundry, and he’s also got a down comforter. Now, any of these shortcut notes we can use right here in the modifier section. I can choose from this list by clicking left or right, but most importantly the main modifier you’re going to need is the pick up time. We always need that on every ticket. Okay. In this case this customer’s going to pick up Monday at 6:00 PM. Now he’s going to pay for his order. Choose pay. He hands me $55 cash, $55 cash. I’m going to click yes for my receipt. My change owed is $1.15. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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