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(Brian Henderson): Many laundromats will offer a dry cleaning drop site service in addition to their standard on-site drop-off laundry service. So, how do we program that into the software? Well, this is where the flexibility of the programming really steps into the spotlight, where you are free to create department names, and items, and properties, really any way you want. And so one way you could do this is to create a department that you call Dry Cleaning, add items within it. And then even add on another department called descriptions and maybe add things like colors, or patterns, or things like that which will help better identify the items when they’re handed to the dry cleaner and then when they come back.

And then we can even add notes like the dry cleaning tag if you’re actually doing the garment labeling with those paper tags that have a number on them. You can add that note to the ticket as well. So, I would just choose my customer, and say in this case we’re going to use Mr. Tester Testington. And we’ll select him. And let’s say he’s dropping off a pair of pants that are black with stripes. He’s got a jacket as well that is brown. Obviously making stuff up here, but you can customize it to better fit your store’s items and services and all that.

And then if I wanted to add a note to the bottom of the receipt, I could just use the invoice notes function and type in any sort of note I want, so say tag 7112. Or something like that, whatever you’ve got, and then click okay. And let’s just pretend this customer is going to pay upfront. Click on pay. Although they could certainly pay at pickup, the software supports that. And I’m going to pretend they handed me $20 cash, so I can just type in 20, or use the shortcut button down below. And I’ll hit cash. And I’ll print a receipt so you can take a look at that.

And if you look at this receipt, you can see there’s the pants and then the description of it. Same for the jacket. And down below, the tag number that you’ve got attached to the garments. So, that will help keep track of everything when it’s going to the dry cleaner and then coming back as well.

How did I program these items? And what are some other cool things we can do programming-wise? Well, this is how. I’m logged in as a manager right now, so I’m going to go to Options, Administrative, and then up top here we’ve got Inventory Maintenance and Department Maintenance. To create the Dry Cleaning department and that Descriptions department, I just went to Department Maintenance, and then I clicked on Add Department and I chose a category for it, in this case Drop-Off Laundry. Gave it a department ID, so like some abbreviation. And then a description.

One other cool thing you can do in Department Maintenance is to automatically add a disclaimer to the receipt whenever an item from a certain department is added. And so for dry cleaning, you needed a customer to maybe sign the receipt for it, or something like that in terms of liability. You certainly could do that if you wanted to.

Once your departments are created, you then go to Inventory Maintenance and create some items. And so to create an item, you click on the green Add Item button. Choose Standard Item. Select which item you want it to go into. Give it an item number, a description, and then add in your pricing. On the additional info tab it would probably require customer selected. And also we’re going to deselect Count This Item, because this is not a retail item that we’re keeping track of inventory on.

Something really cool though, whenever you’ve created your first item … here, let me find a dry cleaning item. When you’ve created your first item among the list of things, you’ll be able to click on the duplicate button and it will carry over all the same settings, and then you just change the description and then the price, and then hit save, duplicate, and just move your way on down the line pretty quickly.

Another neat thing about dry cleaning is what if you wanted to keep track of the cost that the dry cleaner is charging you for processing those items? If you say have a pre-arranged price on it, you actually can do vendor pricing. So, at the end of the month, you can compare what your expected costs to the dry cleaner are going to be, versus what they are billing you for.


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