Customer Notes, Invoice Notes, & Modifiers



(Brian Henderson): There are three different types of notes found on drop off laundry receipts, customer notes, invoice notes, and modifiers. Customer notes are permanent notes which show up every time a customer ever drops off. It will be printed on every receipt for this customer. Now, it’s very important if you have customer notes in the customer maintenance screen, to make sure that print notes on a receipt is check marked in order to print these notes. Okay. That’s saved for that customer.

Now, modifiers or shortcut notes. There is actually a whole section called modifiers of commonly used phrases. For example, if we have an order and they want us to wash everything on cold, then you don’t have to type out that whole note. You can simply choose wash temp cold. Let’s say we’ve got a king size comforter and they want us to wash it on cold and dry it on low. Let’s see what else. They would also really, really, really like us to use extra fabric softener. Okay. That’s fine. Modifiers can be free or they can actually be charged for.

Another example of a modifier would be the pick up time for the order. This is slightly different in that it pulls up a date and time picker. Today’s date will be highlighted in blue. You’ll choose the pick up date and the pick up time. Let’s say this customer’s picking up on the 15th at 10:00 AM. If you want to change it to the evening, you can choose PM, but be careful you don’t click the button too many times, because it’ll cycle back and forth, so be mindful of that. It says pick up time here, but this line won’t actually print. At the bottom of the receipt will show due date and then the day and time that the order is due.

All right. Customer notes. Those are permanent. They’re on every transaction. Modifiers are only for this one invoice. Then there’s one other type of note, which is called invoice notes. To get to that you’re going to go to options, invoice properties, notes. You can now type any note you would like to print on this one transaction. Spot treat bottom right corner of comforter, anything you can think of. Now, see, be careful. There’s only so many characters you can do across. You can tab down to the next line or click it, or you can double click a line to bring up the on-screen keyboard. Okay. Notice it doesn’t show the invoice notes that I just typed, but it will be printed on the final receipt.

Let’s go to pay, and let’s say this customer pays exact cash. Yes, we’re going to print a receipt. Now let’s take a look at that finished receipt. You can see up here is the wash temp cold, dry temp low, extra fabric softener items. Then down below are those permanent notes, as well as the invoice note typed for this order, as well as the due date. It’s generally a good idea to use a highlighter to highlight any special notes on a ticket.

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