Time Clock and Making Change



(Brian Henderson): At the beginning of any shift, you’re going to want to clock in, so to do that you go down to the time clock button at the bottom right corner of your screen. You’ll enter your password and then your cashier ID. This is opposite of what you’re used to on most forms where it has ID and then password, so just keep in mind that it’s reversed.

Okay. Now you’ll clock in and you’re clocked in for your shift. Now, we’re going to log in to the main sales screen. This is gonna be your four digit cashier ID. This is the main sales screen. This is where everything happens. Let’s practice performing a “no-sale” transaction. Say you have a customer who needs you to make change and you just need to open the cash drawer. You’re gonna go to OPTIONS, OPEN DRAWER. Good job.

To exit out of this screen you’ll hit EXIT and then when you’re done using the cash register, be sure to get in the habit of clicking the red X in the top right corner of the screen. If you go long enough the system will log itself out but it’s best to develop a good habit of this.

Now, at the end of your shift, you’ll simply do the same thing to clock out. You go to the bottom right corner, enter your password, your ID, and then clock out. The receipt printer will print off a little slip showing how many hours you’ve worked.

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