Setup Examples

Our system is designed to be used with a large plastic basket that sits on the scale.

In most stores that use our system, the scale is “zeroed out” (or technically a tare) with the plastic container on top, meaning that it weighs 0 pounds with the plastic container.

Wire baskets can take time to load and unload and the attendants have to lift over the rim of the baskets which creates a risk for a back injury. If you have a setup where you can use a removable basket with good handles at waist level, this is ideal.

Laundry Counter Wash-Dry-Fold POS Setup Example

We recommend getting a container with good handles that come up to about waist height (assuming the scale is at knee height). Although the scale we sell goes up to 150 lbs, it’s unwise to put more than 40 lbs in a plastic basket at a time as that also creates a risk for back injury.

It’s better to have several plastic baskets that cannot fit too much weight. For large orders, you might have multiple 40 lb line items on the receipt. In this method you can take an order of any size without risking injury. With this method you can also line the containers with your clear liner prevent the transfer of bacteria or oil when wanted/needed.


Another example of the scale at knee height. The digital readout is correctly positioned facing the customer and it is over 12″ above ground level for ADA compliance. The plastic container was temporarily removed for this photo so the scale would likely show -2lbs because it should be “zeroed” out when the hamper or basket is on the weight scale.


If you’d rather not use your owner hamper, our POS system will also allow you to create a $1 discount button (or any dollar amount) for a customer that brings their laundry in their own hamper and doesn’t want to transfer their clothes. If this is the case, just watch out for the comforter they’ve hidden in the bottom!


In this example, the cash drawer is on the counter and the scale is at knee height.