Basic Retail Functions



(Brian Henderson): There are several basic functions common to almost every transaction you’ll perform on the Point of Sale System. These include selecting an item, changing the quantity, deleting items, and, if necessary, voiding the invoice. Before we begin, I’m going to recommend that you go to the tools function on the menu bar and take off the payment options. It’s distracting and it, honestly, kind of gets in the way. If you see further videos without that, that’s how I took that off. Tools, payment options. To select items, you go to TS lookup, that stands for touch screen lookup, because often times in a laundry mat we’re not selling items that have a barcode on them, instead they’re services. Go to TS lookup. Your different departments are down the left-hand column and then items within those departments are to the right. It’s all color coded to be the same, so wash-dry-fold that’s laundry by the pound will all be green, comforters and mattress pads that will all be yellow, sleeping bags will all be red, and so on. You can press the red down arrow to get to other departments such as retail sales, items like plastic hangers or wire hangers, counter snacks, rugs, pillows, and miscellaneous, and so on. This is all fully customizable. This is just a system, how it comes out of the box.

Say we want to sell some wire hangers, I’m going to choose wire hangers. It’s going to ask me for the quantity of hangers. Say this person wants 10 of them and there they are, 10 at 20 cents each for a total of $2. Say they also want some beef jerky. Notice that didn’t prompt me for quantity on those, so that’s another option I have it set for hangers to prompt you on a quantity and then other things like candy and all that you simply just select it multiple times if you have many of those. Now say I want to delete an item, say we didn’t want beef jerky at all, simply click on the item and then choose delete. Say I wanted to change a quantity, say I want 10 pieces of candy, well simply go down to quantity change and then enter the amount you want, oh 25 all right. There we go. Then say we change our mind and we want to void the entire transaction. To get out of the TS lookup screen, we’re going to click on the done button. That gets us out of there, so just one more time, TS lookup brings up this menu, to get out of it you click done. Now if I want to void the entire transaction, I can simply delete the items or I can go to void invoice, the big red button. That voids the entire transaction.

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